Weedwipes Deluxe Kit

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The most-amazing resin remover combined with rare-earth magnetic scrubbing power…resin doesn’t stand a chance!

WeedWipes Deluxe Cleaning Kit — The coolest cleaning tool paired with the world’s best resin remover!

  • Handmade in Colorado.
  • Rare Earth Magnets coated to protect your piece.
  • Large and small scrubbing shuttles.
  • Shuttles store in wand.
  • PLUS incredible WeedWipes Natural Resin Remover

WeedWipes Deluxe Cleaning Kit Includes:

  • WeedWipes Resin Remover 2-oz container
  • Canna Mags Resin Scrubbing Kit
  • Double-ended bong brush
  • Pipe brush
  • 2 Vape and/or stem brushes

*All products are intended for tobacco use only. You must be 21 years or older in order to purchase from CannaClosetParty.com